Whispers In The Wind

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I wanted to share a moment I had today with this song. I know probably everyone has heard it at some point. I want you to listen to it again. Listen to the words and I want you to vision the lost ppl around you, family, friends, co-workers, the lady working the register at Circle K, the young lady in Walmart that looks full of anger, and hurt… there are so many things and ppl around us that went through my mind when I was listening to this song. Then I had a flash back from about 5 years ago, It was probably 3 or 4 am, I was sitting outside on the steps, I was drunk and listening to this song. I remember listening to this song over and over again, actually several drunk nights I ended up around Godly stuff. See at this time I had recently walked away from everything I knew, my brother had died and it turned my world upside down, my two teenage boys were acting up, to the point where I cried almost every night, I was working 2 jobs, trying to be the best mom I could be because my kids were my world,  in church, in a small group, trying MY hardest to do this God thing.

Even being in church I was dying a self-induced spiritual death, I was dying because I wouldn’t let anyone fully in, yes including God, or should I say ESPECIALLY God. I knew of God, I knew I pretty much believed in him, I had seen miracles in my life, Angels when I was near death several times, so I knew he was real. I just didn’t think he was for me… I didn’t think that he loved me. I mean, come on… If he had loved me, he never would have let me go through everything I have been through. Almost no one knows my full story but there had been lots of pain and very close encounters toward death. I flipped when my brother died, left church, left my small group, stop talking to ppl from church, funny thing is?? It was my way of protecting them, I knew I was slipping bad, all I wanted to do was drink, party, numb the pain. ALL the pain, an entire life of doing the “so called right things” and having it screw me over. I loved my girls, the hardest thing was walking away from them but I couldn’t chance taking them down with me, so I vanished. One day im gonna finally sit and write about all of this for ppl but until then…. Anyway, drunk listening to this song.. wanna know the weird part? Even though I had walked away from church, from God… I often wondered if anyone “Heard Me” did anyone truly understand the pain, lost, hopelessness that I felt inside?

Let me ask you the same thing I asked myself today… Do you hear them??? Do you??? Do you hear the cries for help, the screams of desperation for a way out, a plea for hope…. Do you hear her???? OR have you become so comfortable in “doing life” that you have forgotten where you came from? Have you forgotten how broken you were before someone shared Gods love with you, before someone SHOWED you GODS LOVE. Let me tell you who did that for me, Pastor Shannon Richard. She showed me unconditional God love, through every drunk text message, through every hangover. She never gave up encouraging me, She never grew tired of reminding me of Gods plan for me. My life and who I am has changed because of God and because of 2 women, Shannon Richard and my amazing mentor Tasha Guidry. They invested God’s love into me. Who are you investing God’s love into??? We talk about changing the world, but what part are you playing in the change?? We pay things forward, acts of kindness, which I love love love doing, but how about paying forward ministering to someone who is lost and broken???

You want change in your life??? Then get Radical about God’s Love!! Wake UP, OPEN YOUR EYES, & BE THE CHANGE.



Immortal Phantom

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She sits on her throne.. High above the rest… Pain in her eyes that no mortal soul can contest… Alone in her Fortress of Solitude… a silent beating in her chest.. There is no life… There is no death… there is no rest… Aimless thoughts surround her mind.. taking her through memories of long ago… the touch of his hand.. the stars in her eyes…. the love she was denied…. Rage enclosed in her scepter…. Destruction in her vision… pain flowing from deep within… insanity in the sound of thunder… Sorrow in each breath… mortal death in each step…Vulnerability consumed by ice…. screams from all around… the war for her soul has begun… Angels stand guard….. Shadow demons step forward…a fight to the finish is announced… Hesitation is the only sound… fueled by her own doubt… A warrior without a reason to exist…forgiveness screams her name… agony heeds no warning… pain is her personal enemy… Shackles on her hands and feet… she has no remembrance of who holds the key… Strength is taken with every move she makes…. She stiffens her body as she feels the hard strike against her face.. blood melting on her tongue… Bitter memories run through her head… every hit… every disappointment strikes her as tho she were living those moments once again… Shadow demons circle around.. taunting her mind… every mistake… laughter coming from them with every painful memory they throw her way…. Weakness begins to take over… the shackles tighten as she attempts to move forward… she crumbles to the cold ground below… She begs for death to meet her… she has no fight left inside… she cries out for a rescue… this pain is too much to bear… Warmth fills the air… a soft comforting fire flows from her fingertips… the shackles from her hands and feet shatter like glass around her…. Unfamiliar rivers trace down her cheeks… the hand of love catches each tear… a small light begins to shine… Freedom and Healing sing her name.. they serenade the very essence of her being… Her eyes slowly open to a touch that lifts her from the cold ground… the arms of this angel hold her… protecting her with golden silver wings… Her eyes follow the sound of black ice falling against the ground… shadow demons are screaming out in fear… A man that she doesn’t recognize is at war for her…. Victory carved into his back… Strength written on his sword…. Love sits upon the crown he wears… She clings to the arms of the angel.. not understanding this act of love.. ashes cover the ground.. The shadow demons exist no more… Behind this man is an army rising up… as these angels begin to break every chain that surrounds her world and heart… She looks into the eyes of her personal warrior… looking for reason… looking for motive… Her only finding is kindness looking back at her… She lifts her eyes to heaven … Showers of mercy and grace fall upon her face… She feels the cuts and bruises on her childlike skin begin to heal… diamonds appear on her head… the gown she is suddenly wearing reminds her of white snow on the winter ground…. Innocence invades the walls surrounding her heart… melodies of hope and joy sing from from within her… the obsession of her pain exist no more… The warrior’s lips burn as a kiss is placed on her forehead… fire travels within her until her heart burns for him… She looks at the angel still holding her… Trying to understand what this all means… the angel smiles down on her as the word love is written across her heart… The phantom inside breathes no more… transformation has begun… strength beats violently in her chest…