Days 4-6


I’m starting to lose track of the days as they pass, they all seem to run into each other and I catch myself thinking “what day is it” 

Tomorrow makes a week, wow really? This last week is mostly a blur, so much to do, so much to figure out, learned a lot about things to do moving forward and some things I’m still trying to figure out. 

Like being more prepared, needing to food prep for a few days at a time because I just can’t do it everyday. It’s just too much. 

Days 4&5 were pretty good days, I was in a blah kind mood, found out that an old friend passed away. It made me sad but I know that she is in a better place now and she is pain free. 

As far as working out I did my bootcamp, ate fairly clean. 

Friday was weigh in day, I didn’t lose ANYTHING, felt pretty discouraged, like dude I’ve been busting my tail. Tons of emotions flood me through out the day. Thoughts of giving up, thoughts of being a failure, when I left work and got home I just felt depressed, I wanted to go to a Chinese buffet and just fill that void. 

BUT I didn’t!! I came home and fixed some chicken and an Avocado. I printed up my food for a few days on fitness pal and my trainer is gonna look over it, so we can tweek my intake. 

I just keep reminding myself that I’m gonna keep fighting. I silently cried myself to sleep that night and prayed that I would wake up feeling differently. 

I woke up the next morning to my husband nudging me awake, asks me if I’m going to class that morning, I mumbled NO and fell back asleep, moments later he was waking me up again! Ugh fine ok! Let me get my dang coffee! I get coffee, get dressed, head to the gym, it’s my first Saturday at the gym in foreverrrrr! I finished my coffee, still felt tired so I got a pre workout shot, ran into one of my teammates that was there for a class, so we went into the class Les Mills BodyJam.

Yallllllllll!!!! Music is loud, bass is thumping, pre workout is starting to flow so I get in the back and jump in. It was a Latina song 😍 in my mind I’m like yesss I’m a señorita ayeee!

Can’t keep up with the moves but I’m cool I know how to zydeco a bit so it’s kinda the same right?? No no it isn’t but it’s dark and who cares anyway?!! 

And thennnnnnn, song changes, preworkout is in full affect. My hips and booty start involuntarily moving and then I got fuzzy inside. Yes.. it was a street music remix 😍😍😍

Club Shady in the houuuzzz! I was lost in my own world dancing 💃🏻 

If you haven’t tried The BodyJam class you totally should!!!

Tomorrow starts a new week and a new beginning! Gonna stay strong, not gonna give up!


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