Day 1 

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Whew! I did it! I made it through the first day back in training! It’s been about 3 years I believe and I had forgottennnnn, haha Woke up at 3 am, few sips of coffee, workout clothes thrown on, spent a few minutes fighting with my knee braces to get them on, then got out the door! 

Cardio was first , about 25 minutes I think in the parking lot walking, the other girls walked a lap then ran a lap. Lori (my trainer for the next 2 months) walked with me it helped ease my anxiety. Felt like my lower back wanted to cave a few times, extremely short of breath because I’m a smoker, had to stop a couple times, bend over stretch my back, catch my breath BUT I walked the whole time. And I didn’t feel like a loser today, I know I’m basically starting from scratch again and today that’s ok with me BECAUSE IM TRYING!! 

Cardio finishes up and I’m thinking crap boot camp is next, Lori of course takes it easy on me my first day back, hard still? Hell yes it was I felt calories dying and screaming! I also felt my body dying and screaming haha like dang I feel old! Squats made the booty feel good, my knees not so much but I had forgotten how much I both love and hate the burning of getting stronger. 

Lunges, geese ok how do I keep my balance again??!!!! Deadlifts, yea they aren’t always the funnest to do but I know they are good for back strength and this lil mamma needs some back strength. I get on the step bench and I think “Dear God, Please don’t let me tip over and face plant – I feel a giggle- no no God seriously, please don’t let me face plant” haha too some it probably sounds crazy but yes I talk to God in my head through out the day. It helps me. So next is these donkey kicks on your knees or something like that.. but anyway yea… gotta get a fix on that one, my knees are so weak and easily pained it hurt but I’m not one to give in too easily. So I did what I could, then abs, yes even obese I have them they are just temporarily hiding under the pound cake of my stomach. Spasms ugh yes but they weren’t as horrible as usual. 

Stayed on track with my eating and like anything else it takes doing the dang thing and tweaking it along the way.

Tonight I feel tired, a bit sore, a slight pains but I also feel accomplished. 

Thanks to all who have sent encouragement to me! 💖 and a special thanks to my wonderful husband who came with me to the gym and who helps me so much when I just get emotionally overwhelmed these days! 


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