Cinderella’s Truth


Still one of my favorite writings

Moments with Brewster

We have heard the fairytale a million times

As a young girl you would dress up and dance in circles pretending to be Cinderella on the night of the ball…
As a young lady you would drift off into an amazing daydream of the Prince taking your hand and captivating you with a love that would take your world by storm..
As a woman you heard his perfect words, you got lost in his touch and you innocently gave your heart expecting him to be the hero that would rescue you from every heartache and would take you to the world of happily ever after…
As Cinderella you learned there are no perfect words, no heroes, only jaded boys in the body of men and that happily ever after was a myth told to young girls sparking a belief in fairy tale love.
See Cinderella believed in the myth of…

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No genie in a bottle here 


God is not a genie, you can’t run him the right way and expect a perfect life free from adversity.BUT you can trust him to give you the strength to carry you through each situation. You can trust him to give you the strength needed for each battle.Don’t be discouraged during this storm.Lift your head and see where your help comes from.