The Butterfly Effect 


As God transforms us and sanctifies us to becoming more like Him, we begin to more clearly understand the transforming power of His boundless grace. Everything is about God and not us, yet God has chosen to make us the recipients of His boundless grace. Grace means undeserved favor. Grace is when we receive something we do not deserve. We do not deserve His love or His forgiveness yet He has given it to us by His grace through faith in His son. Beginning to understand that truth will transform us all.  


Strength Training 

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Living like Christ will not come naturally or easy. Just as you would train at a gym for fitness, you must train in the Word for righteousness. When training your body you see no benefits unless you overcome resistance, it is the same with righteousness. The struggle will get real when trying to read the word and deny your self. There will never be perfect conditions to read the Word, you might never feel like it, and every excuse will be available to you, but this is where training begins. Overcome the resistance and watch yourself grow stronger in The Word.