Cinderella’s Truth

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We have heard the fairytale a million times 

 As a young girl you would dress up and dance in circles pretending to be Cinderella on the night of the ball… 
As a young lady you would drift off into an amazing daydream of the Prince taking your hand and captivating you with a love that would take your world by storm.. 
As a woman you heard his perfect words, you got lost in his touch and you innocently gave your heart expecting him to be the hero that would rescue you from every heartache and would take you to the world of happily ever after… 
As Cinderella you learned there are no perfect words, no heroes, only jaded boys in the body of men and that happily ever after was a myth told to young girls sparking a belief in fairy tale love. 
See Cinderella believed in the myth of love, the idea that this perfect man would come to her, rescue her and love her in a way only she knew she desired.. She believed the fantasy only to crash and burn when she saw the reality of her love hidden fantasy.
She gave up on love, every fantasy, every longing, every desire she through by the wayside as she walked through the coldness of night alone. 
She lived on strength that gotten her though a trivial life, she pushed harder became stronger and she finally began to heal from the damage done to her heart. Tears became smiles, she learned to see herself and love herself, she learned to start living again. 
She stumbled upon this man one day who seemed quite ordinary. 

Only as she got to know him she realized he wasn’t ordinary at all. 

He had the heart of a Prince, the soul of a warrior and smile of a school boy that distracted her in ways that made her heart skip a beat. 
He was a man of honor, a man of dignity, with the passion of a lion and the sweetness of a dove. He taught her the true meaning of love.
 He taught her that Happily Ever After wasn’t a myth, that it was the love of two souls connected from a God above. It was two people living in unison and loving with passion, that it was laughter and giggles on a sunny day, it was quite nights cuddling under the stars, it was breath taking slow dances in the rain with kisses that held the promise of forever. It was two hearts promising to catch the other if one would ever fall. 
Cinderella’s Truth is what should be told to young girls when telling the story of a love from a Prince. 


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