Youngsville woman arrested for Deserting Children


Youngsville woman arrested for Deserting Children.


3 thoughts on “Youngsville woman arrested for Deserting Children

  1. I know it’s hard to show compassion for this woman but God wants His love to reach EVERYONE! Sin is sin to Him and all sin is equal in His refugee eyes. Let’s praise God that these children were found unharmed…..THAT was GOD! If God brought someone here to save the children….He is also wanting the mother tho be saved too… We need to look past the situation into the problem. What caused this Mom to add alcohol to her depression medication? This is called self medicating…this means the medicine wasn’t doing enough for her. Let’s pray for her to have peace…..something a depressed person cannot find ALONE. LET’S PRAY for the trouble she’s dealing with inside her heart and soul that THE HOLY SPIRIT move on her life to save the relationship between her and her children….who ARE BEING AFFECTED by her illness! Let’s pray for the continued Safety of the little ones who cannot possibly understand what’s going on right now.
    I know it’s easy to judge the Mom on this instance but what I’m adding for is for you to choose a different perspective. The children were protected. The mom’s life was spared. There IS A REASON for that! Now, in not saying that she should not have consequences but maybe losing those kiddos will be one of them. If so, that will definitely add to her depression! Mom will need someone in her life to help her up, dust her off….and lead her tho Jesus….WHO CAN FIX ALL!!
    I too starred in a horrible mother tol role in my family….there are STILL times I MISS IT… sometimes really big. God has grace and mercy for me and I Ann sure he also does for this woman. I thank God that ask if my sins were not br broadcast on the evening news….you know what I mean?
    Dear Father in heaven,
    Cover this entire family in the blood of Jesus. I know the sins I have committed leave me in no position to judge in any way. I apply the cross to this situation. I don’t know where the earthly father is right now, add that could be part of the problem. I ask, Father, that you heal this woman of her emotional pain and help her to find test in You. Her soul is in torment and You are the only one who can change that. Holly Spirit, comfort her in knowing that You see keeping her children safe from harm while giving her grace to turn things around. I speak to the enemy and say I see your work at hand but i pour thou pin notice that this situation has been placed in God’s hands. Thou have been engendere rendered defeated in the name of Jesus! I cancel any and all arguments you have called upon thre this family…including the Mom. I pray an hedge of protection around them. May God have all the glory add honor and may this test become a powerful testimony that shakes hell and advances the kingdom of heaven!
    In Jesus name I pray….amen

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