The Faceless Man

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She sits at her window

starring at the stars above

she thinks of the faceless man

who owns a piece of her heart.

She dreams of a ballroom

with chandeliers that glimmer

a dance floor with pink and silver lining.

She can hear the soft music

being played by the orchestra

She looks around

to see she is all alone.

She wonders

if she’ll always feel this lost.

She turns

to see a man walking

through the door.

It is the faceless man

that has haunted her dreams

for so many years.

Her heart begins to race

as he draws near

He holds out his hand..

She hesitates…


of what this man might bring…

She feels his eyes full of love looking upon her.

She feels a softness in his heart that she has only dreamed of.

In a faint whisper she hears him say; ” You are not lost You have always been a part of me”

She feels her heart melt and tears begin to burn her eyes.

She can not see his face but she can see his soul.

She feels the pleas of his heart
She sees his hand still held out…

waiting for her acceptance..

She takes his hand, takes her place in his embrace.

She begins to soften in his grip… and realizes She knows this man…..

She knows this heart……

It is the heart of her Father…..

She hears a noise that wakes her from this dreamy state.

She looks out upon the stars as tears fill her eyes…

She sees a twinkling star and wonders if just this once she can be childlike.

She closes her eyes and makes the wish of her heart….

She hopes that God will hear this plea….

She no longer wants dreams of the faceless man…

She now wants the heart of her Father


This is something I wrote many years ago, when I was trying to understand my Identity with God and understand him and heal from daddy issues from my biological father.


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