Private Accusations

Judgement, MomentsOfTruthwithBrewster, poetry, PrivateAccusations, RealTalk, Truth

Often times we are critical and place judgment on things we know nothing of… Judging the hearts and souls of those that are seemingly heartless… They seem to walk through life with no smile on their face… no bounce in their step… no laughter in their eyes.. We assume it’s because they are heartless… there are instances where it may be true but there is also a silent truth for the others… The ones who aren’t heartless… they are merely lifeless… on a journey without end… eventually they become the very thing they hate… there is no control over the heart.. it loves when it loves… trusts when it is hopeful… dreams when it has vision… sacrifices itself with a painful understanding and shuts down when the pain is too much to bare… Each person was once a little all American boy or a precious little girl.. full of hope.. Dreams.. Love.. Innocence… Until something or someone showed them what pain was… understanding this starts a slow fade in the heart… We assume they choose this but I don’t believe they do… Becoming this way I believe is caused by a series of events or by one great painful event causing the heart to react in the only way possible…. When pain so great is caused it stops your heart from beating… in order to try to protect itself ….it stops breathing… forgetting pain… becoming numb is it’s only focus… it’s art of survival…. the only way it knows how to slowly move along with life… So when you see this person on the street… in your local market.. in your church… in your home… Don’t let your private accussations take hold… Don’t judge the lifeless… Dont call them heartless…Say a prayer for them… because chances are you have absolutely no idea what killed them… pray one day… if they are lucky… they will breathe again…


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