Lost On This Street

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We are like strangers with a thousand memories between us…we utter no words of remembrance… silent prayers are in a cross over our heart…. Broken thoughts swimming through the ashes of another life…. No way to escape the way things have changed…

My tears have become my own… my heart is lost in a land of the unknown… ashes dance around my broken smile…. changing the color of my eyes to grey… they no longer hold the stars in the sky… my soul bleeds only smoke for now it feels hollow with a lack of meaning… Your love was a Vanilla Twilight…better known as a small piece of heaven…

you had a way of making my heart dazzle with purity and now my heart smiles cease to exist… my fire has become faceless… my life feels aimless…. I could never pretend to truly know what it is you think and feel when you look my way… as my walls fell… your walls seemed to grow stronger…. shutting me inside a silent room… You went away…. left me… and sent another man here in your place…

he looks like you but he doesn’t smile or shine the way you do… He doesn’t watch me the way you did… He doesn’t take time to look inside my heart….

He doesn’t long for me or need me the way you once did…. This twin of your soul shares no secrets…

if you did still love me the way you did once… or miss me the way you used too…. he would never tell me…. he is loyal to his master…he could watch me dying inside and never utter a single word….

He seems so cold… I wonder sometimes if he let’s you out long enough to watch me from the skies…. I look at your star and hope that perhaps you are there….

Does he ever let you think of me…. does he ever let you remember the way we loved… the way each kiss spoke endless words… words were never a necessity in our love making…. our lips and hands said enough to make mountains shake… My fingertips are always touching the cross over my heart… searching for you as though I’m still sleeping and walking through the woods waiting to hear your voice…. But when I open my eyes… I’m still here, standing on Broken Dream Boulevard… memories scattered around me… On every corner I see your face… In every thought I feel your touch…

I’m looking for angels once again….and while tears stain the concrete below… I pray you someday find me and save me soon from the nightmare that I’m awake in…. It’s more than my heart can bear… I don’t like being lost on this street anymore…. Please don’t leave me lost here… The only direction I know is you…


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