Let Me

laugh, love, MomentsOfTruthwithBrewster, poetry, Smile

Let me make you happy..

Let me see you smile..

Let me make you laugh like a child at play…

you can look for me while I pretend to hide…

I’ll even let you win…

Let me touch your hand..

Let me kiss your heart..

Let me tell you riddles..

Let me maklove to you in the hay….

Let me be the reason your heart smiles….

Because you deserve all the happiness life can bring and so much more..

Let me call you out to play and we can dance in the rain..

We can tell silly stories and laugh until our hearts are continent..

Let me get carried away in your touch….

Let me remember my best friend…

the guy who noticed every change in my life…

who could make me blush just by looking my way…

who could make me wild with one touch….

Let me know your still here with me….

that I still matter….

Let me sing you a song written by angels….

while the stars float above us….

Let me love you….

be loved by you…

Let me know I’m still waiting for you in your dreams….

Let me be more than just a memory…


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