Ramblings On Love


Love what is this exactly? Do we even remember this thing called love that existed once upon a time Or has it become a has been an old memory of what could have been, an old movie we once watched.

Society has become so withdrawn from the concept of Love. Instead it has been confused with the counterfeits of Lust. There was a time when love was conceited as a beautiful thing between a man and a woman an image of trust, respect, honor a passionate redemption from our lonely souls. But now its nothing more than a series of promiscuous acts conceited as love. I find this saddening…. I wonder sometimes if the love we heard about in love stories even exists anymore or is love lost?

To a woman love was, That man whom she had waited for her whole life. The man who honored and respected her.. The man who enhanced the essence of her being …the man who made her feel like a lady because he cherished her purity …the man who held her close when they danced ….the man who made her feel safe by the caring look excerpted from his eyes…. To a man love was, The woman that caught the corner of his eye with her eccentric beauty.. The woman who stole his heart with the innocence that radiated from within….

The woman who made him forget the hardship for moments just with her sweet laugh and the soft touch of her hand….. The woman who projected strength within him with her soft charismatic words of encouragement….. the woman who honored him as the head of the home, the provider …..the woman who stuck with him through all of lifes storms, never speaking an ill word against him in fear that it may break his pride…. To most of us what I described above sounds foreign, right???

We are not even taught about this kind of love anymore we are not taught to believe ….wait for it…. Truth of the matter is that very few people ever go through life experiencing this kind of love….. In conversations about love your likely to find a blank look on someones face when you bring up the value of love ……is it something better left for story time??

Love is more than a feeling its a trust and bond with a person. Little girls no longer pretend to be the sweet princess waiting to be rescued looking for our knight in shining armor ….no, instead they pretend to be pop stars…. runway models…. Little boys no longer pretend to be that strong prince with his sword held high ready to war against anyone who stands in the way of him and his true love….no, instead they spend their time looking up to men who have identified themselves as playas….. Its sad to think that people of today have lost the concept of love and romance and it seems that by every passing day we come closer to losing it.. The lack of believing in love comes from so many different avenues everyone has a story as to why they no longer believe….
Theres the elderly woman whos beau went off towar and never returned and this left her poor heart broken and unable to repair ….so in her own private thoughts she wonders why love failed her why love had not brought him back to her for surely if love had been real, he would have come home and she then vows never to give love another chance with her heart….. Theres the middle age man who once fell in love so deeply only to realize that his marriage had been a façade and sadness overtakes him as he watches his wife load her packed bags into her new lovers car and in his private moments he wonders why love failed him ….his heart grows cold and he vows never to be that foolish again….. Theres the young lady who thought she was in love with a boy that respected her only to be taken advantage of at a party after a few to many drinks she sits in the corner and cries….. And she wonders why love has failed her and as she rises and begins to rearrange her clothes she vows that she will never let anyone see her pain ….she vows to be distant from anyone that even remotely seems like they care…. Theres the young man who attentively watches his fathers action and learns that love is nothing more than promiscuity and after months of practicing this, he sits alone if his private thoughts wonders why he feels alone.. ..Why had love passed him by. And he continues on the journey of promiscuity in search of a love that cant be found…..

Theres the little girl who sits at her bedroom door listening to a shouting match going on between her parents and as she places her head atop her knees she jumps at the sound of her father striking her mother once again and she silently cries and as she crawls into her bed, she wonders why storybooks lie ….love is not at all beautiful and as she tries to drown out her mothers screams… she vows that she will never give in to this thing called love she decides that love is nothing more than pain…. There are so many different stories to why people no longer to believe in love and why it hasnt been past on to the new generations some stories much worse than these and then in some cases its something as simple as growing up in a home where love was not openly shown.

There are a million and one reasons not to believe in love not to believe it could exist for us….. a reason to fear it…. Sometimes we are gonna get hurt with love whether it be by love itself or because we fell into the trap of its counterfeit lust but we cant give up on love we are teaching those after us that it doesnt exist. I believe that a life without love , is no life at all. How sad I feel for the people who may never experience the joy of allowing love to wash over them……

~ Brewster~


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