I Dare You

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I dare you Young and old mothers alike, to make your life a masterpiece upon which that little family of yours can build. Strong women bring forth strong men, strong women bring forth strong children.

I dare you You who have come from poverty, choose to rise above what was handed down to you, choose to hand a true chance of life to your children.

I dare you To have the qualities of Lincoln.

I dare you To achieve something that will make the future point to you with even more pride than the present is pointing to those who have gone before you.

I dare you To make life obey you, not you it. It is only a shallow dare to do foolish things.

I dare you to do courageous uplifting things.

I dare you To shoulder more responsibility for your life, to joyously launch out into the deep and build yourself magnificently.

I dare you to To win the Noble prize.

I dare you Who think life is humdrum, to become involved.

I dare you To smile when no one is watching.

I dare you Who are weak, to be strong. You who are dull, to sparkle. You who are slaves to life, to become Queens of your destiny.

I dare you To have a “Magnificent Obsession”

I dare you To prove to those who have looked down upon you and those who have said you will never make it, that you can.

I dare you to prove them wrong.

I dare you To have faith in the unseen.

I dare you To lift your head high when you walk into a room.

I dare you To be kind to someone and expect nothing in return.

I dare you To change your future.

I dare you To forgive the person that hurt you.

I dare you To succeed at all that you set your hands to. You can be one of the few who will face life courageously, ready to strike deep into the heart of anything that stands between who you are and who you desire to be. The strength to fight lies deep within you. The warrior within you is only asleep. When you find that strength, when you allow the warrior within to be awaken, you will never be the same. When you allow that spark of hope within you begin to stir, it is then that you will feel that spark turn into a fire that you will feel in the deepest part of you soul. A fire that burns deep within your bones, it will change every part of who you are. You will no longer have to “survive” life, you will begin to ” Live ” it will take courage to let this urge possess you.

Everywhere you look, every corner you turn, every familiar face is telling you that you can’t do it, telling you that you will never rise above, someone trying to convince you to give up because you will never become more than what you are now. Don’t Listen!!!! Refuse to be satisfied with who you are! You have the right and the ability to fulfill the dreams that you once held close to your heart. You can make those dreams a reality. We each have special talents buried within ourselves. The reason the talents lie buried is that we, as women, have lost the courage to dig them up and use them. I challenge you to look within, find your talents, your passions. I challenge you to let them come alive within you again.

I dare you to breathe life into them. The only reason you are not the person you should be is because you don’t dare to be! You have settled, you have become content with life, you have lost hope as you watch life pass you by, you have allowed the demons of your past to hold you back, You have begun a walk down a road of regret but the good news is that you don’t have to take that road. You can change your path, you can choose a different journey. It is necessary to agree that living aggressively changes the complexion of life. So many are prey to fear, you fear losing your job, you fear sickness and hard times, you fear failure, you fear your past. But, remember, courage is not the absence of fear, it is the conquest of it. When you will dare to attack it will be then that you will master your fears. And why dare? Because unless you dare, you can not win. Deep down in every heart is the desire to be somebody, to get somewhere in life, to be able to look back and know that you have done something wonderful. But so often we sit waiting for the opportunity, opportunity does not come to those who wait, they are captured by those who attack.

You need to think bigger, act bigger, to become bigger. You have the ability to do things, if you know where you are going. The world makes way for a man who knows his destination. True, moments of weakness and depression are going to assail you. But that is the time for battle, that is the time where you stand tall and refuse to be taken down. Refuse to allow weakness to overcome you and choose to take your eyes off the circumstance, so that depression can not take form in your mind. You have a body, a brain, a heart and a soul — these are your living tools. To use them is not a task. It is a golden opportunity. To find new capacities within you is not robbing you of any pleasure, it is bringing you new treasures in every waking hour. It is helping you touch life at all angles, absorb strength from all contacts, pour out power on all fronts. The more you pour out, the more you will find to pour.

The more of life’s treasures you keep to yourself, the less you have. The more you share with others, the more you will have yourself. One of life’s greatest rules is this: The more you give, the more you get. One enkindled spirit can set hundreds on fire. We have all had life go wrong for us, whether it was a consequence of our own doing, or a hand that life unfairly dealt us. But we have a choice on how we recover.

There is nothing in life that is too hard to change, the question is and always will be ” How bad do I want change? ”

I challenge you to do an inventory within yourself, be honest with yourself when no one is around and allow yourself to ponder this question. If you truly want it bad enough, you will find the strength to endure until the end. Determine where you are going, have your destination in sight and allow nothing to stand between where you are now and where you are headed. I dare you To decide at this very moment, that your life will never be the same.


Journey Of Ice

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Life is a journey that some of us live… and some of us barely survive it… its full of great moments… and sometimes it’s full of horrid events that we somehow wish was a nightmare… We all walk our own walk… no one can judge the journey we make.. or the path that we take.. no one but us fully understands the scars that lie deep within us…some of us are knocked down quicker than others… some of us are harder to knock down but when we fall… we fall hard and it takes us longer to get up… Its not how many times you fall… nor is it how hard you fall…. it doesnt matter how long it takes you to get up… just so long you get up fighting back… when you stay down… you fail.. you let that person.. that event.. that storm win… the journey will then become cold and bitter… losing all sunshine along that path… People will always hurt you in life… you should never use it as an excuse to hurt someone else purposely… in reality you are not only hurting them but you are also destroying the goodness inside of yourself by allowing the anger of you’re pain take over….you’re heart becomes cold.. Before you know it a storm begins to brew within…the ice flowing from you’re heart will begin to consume anything that lies in its path…causing a loss of anything that resembles humanity… You become this miserable dead man walking through life… unintentionally destroying and sucking the life out of anything that comes into your vision… Anger and Misery are no respecters of person… they don’t care who you are… they don’t care what your name is… they don’t care what your social status is… they don’t care about your family…. they don’t care about your children.. they don’t care about your friends… they don’t care about the innocent bystanders that forsakenly walk into their pathway… The poison within them flows from their eyes and hands…contaminating any object of goodness like a disease… they will consume you and anything you touch… introducing you to the person you will soon hate… Eventually Anger and Misery will have chased away anything that resembles warmth or love…. It will have sucked the blood out of anything that represents life outside of the world they deem to make… they become Lonely… Trapped inside a caged prison built by their own hands…. Tortured within their mind with memories that are racing in circles and faces that are fading into darkness….Silence violently rushes them as death is upon them…. The storm has won…. The heart beats no more… the trail leading back home no longer exists…. There is nothing left but… ICE

Dream Away little one… Dream Away….

Art, Bible, Brewster, Christian, Commissioned, DontGiveUp, DreamAway, DreamBig, Dreams, feelings, girlRgirls, GodsGirl, HaveVision, Hope, LittlePrincess, love, moments, MomentsOfTruthwithBrewster, NomoreChains, poetry, princesslife, RealTalk, Redemption, Setfree, Truth, Vision

Little girls with dreams become women with vision.

Why do we discourage children from daydreaming? We have lost the meaning of vision… we have lost hope….

So little one… Dream Away… Redeem our lack of vision… Revive our hearts with meaning…

Dream Away little one… Dream Away….

Have You Ever?


beautiful words

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Have you ever been so in love with Jesus that your entire being, who you are and how you are, suddenly makes sense? Have you ever felt His love for you so deep in your heart that not having compassion and love for yourself, would break His heart?
Have you ever noticed how all the stars at night and all the tree frogs singing, are love notes from God? That these beautiful, simple things are all you truly need? Diamonds, TVs, fancy clothes suddenly mean nothing, because quite simply, you want to spend your days pleasing God instead of yourself!
Is it this realization that you come to when you know God is so in you, that compassion fills your veins and you weep at another human being in pain? Is this how Jesus touches you? I know He touches us all differently, but how can people, non-believers  not feel…

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Moments Of Desperation

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Even In Moments Of Desperation…. My nights are filled with sleepless cries, My days are filled with numbing desperation, My heart cries out as my eyes are blurred by silent tears, My hands are bound by chains. I cry out, ” Where are you Oh Lord, My God?” ” Why has thou forsaken me in my time of need?” I sink into the lake of my silent tears. “My God” , i weakly whimper ” Have my cries not met your ears?” Silence surrounds me. “My God, has thou turned thy face from me?” ” Are my cries not desperate enough, Oh Lord God of Israel!” Walls begin to close around me, fear grips my heart. I beat the walls in desperation, looking for a way out. ” God!”, I scream ” Will thy not help me?” My ears are met with only the sound of my aimless shouts. I am surrounded by people who mock me, I watch as my enemies taunt me. I am weak, I can not fight. I sink into the shadows of darkness. I am alone. To my right, i see a woman. My ears are attentive as she speaks, for her words hold truth, courage and hope. The people whom surround her are taken by her words, for she speaks of The Lord God Almighty. I see her face. She reminds me of someone but i know that i have never met this woman. She turns to me and calls out, “Be not afraid of who God has called you to be!” She holds out her hand. ” Come and see the plans he has for you. ” The look in her eyes plead with me. I get up from my knees and begin to set pace toward her. I fall hard against the cold ground beneath me. My legs have been shackled! I don’t understand! To my left i feel the presence of my enemies. I hear the laughs and mockery. ” Where is your God now? ” I try to ignore them as I pull on the chain of my shackle. I look to them and in their hands in see them holding the chains that have me bound. Their hands hold tightly as they laugh at me. I see the word FEAR burned into their hands. I feel death try to surround me. I cry out, ” Lord, I am weak… I am brittle!” ” Will thy not show thyself ? ”
” Do not let me be put to shame my God!” ” Nor, let me enemies triumph over me! ” I hear their laughs growing louder. I raise my voice. ” Hear my cries, Oh God!” ” My forehead wears your name! ” ” I am your child, I have not forsaken your ways! ” ” Do not leave me here! ” ” My only hope is in you My God! ” ” I surrender all that i am to you, My Lord God! ” Silence surrounds me. I lay limp, as my heart mourns my death. The ground becomes soft beneath me. I feel a gentle feather move across my cheek, arms of strength pick me up from my slumber state. I look into a face filled with love. I hear words that sound like music as he speaks, ” The Lord God Almighty has sent his salvation for you! ” ” He has sent his son Christ Jesus to set you free! ” I hear a sheer sound of the smoothest metal. I turn my face from The Angel Of The Lord and look into the eyes of my salvation. He is clothed in Majesty and in his hand, He holds a sword that has the word Truth Embedded into the diamond grip. With one movement of his sword, I hear the sound of my chains hit the ground. I see my enemies thrown into darkness. “Arise”, I hear ” Thou has been Loosed! ” I look to My Lord and i cry, ” My Lord, I am still to weak from all that has over taken me. ” His mighty voice shook the insides of my weak body. My body began to tremble. ” Peace be still ” His command put my body into submission. ” My Spirit, shall make you whole. ” I feel The Spirit Of The Lord cover me. I feel a warmth begin to consume my inner most being. I feel The Spirit Of The Lord breathe life into my soul, into my being. I feel the Angel Of The Lord release me, my feet firmly hit the ground. I bow down before the presence of My Lord. I began to sing praises. I lift my head. ” Oh Lord, My God, Forgive me! ” ” I thought thou had forsaken me and left me here to die! ” Tears began to flow down my cheeks. ” Forgive me Lord for my doubt! ” I felt his love embrace me as he spoke; ” I am that I am! ” ” My words do not lie! ”
” You are my child. ” ” I will never leave you, nor forsake you. ” ” Even in your darkest moments of despair, I am there. ” ” In the moments you can not feel me or hear me, i am there. ” ” I am that I am! ” ” My words do not lie! ” His face was filled with love and compassion. ” Arise Woman!, Go Forth and Do my Will! ” ” Be not afraid of the things i have planned for you and doubt me not. ” ” Thou has been commissioned! ” I didn’t want to leave him. He knew my thoughts. ” Go, My Child. ” ” Your purpose awaits you. ” Suddenly, i am in a new place, people surround me but I am not afraid. As I speak, I hear words of truth, courage and hope. And i smile, for i finally see I am the woman God has called me to be.

~Davina~ 05/23/07

Ramblings On Love


Love what is this exactly? Do we even remember this thing called love that existed once upon a time Or has it become a has been an old memory of what could have been, an old movie we once watched.

Society has become so withdrawn from the concept of Love. Instead it has been confused with the counterfeits of Lust. There was a time when love was conceited as a beautiful thing between a man and a woman an image of trust, respect, honor a passionate redemption from our lonely souls. But now its nothing more than a series of promiscuous acts conceited as love. I find this saddening…. I wonder sometimes if the love we heard about in love stories even exists anymore or is love lost?

To a woman love was, That man whom she had waited for her whole life. The man who honored and respected her.. The man who enhanced the essence of her being …the man who made her feel like a lady because he cherished her purity …the man who held her close when they danced ….the man who made her feel safe by the caring look excerpted from his eyes…. To a man love was, The woman that caught the corner of his eye with her eccentric beauty.. The woman who stole his heart with the innocence that radiated from within….

The woman who made him forget the hardship for moments just with her sweet laugh and the soft touch of her hand….. The woman who projected strength within him with her soft charismatic words of encouragement….. the woman who honored him as the head of the home, the provider …..the woman who stuck with him through all of lifes storms, never speaking an ill word against him in fear that it may break his pride…. To most of us what I described above sounds foreign, right???

We are not even taught about this kind of love anymore we are not taught to believe ….wait for it…. Truth of the matter is that very few people ever go through life experiencing this kind of love….. In conversations about love your likely to find a blank look on someones face when you bring up the value of love ……is it something better left for story time??

Love is more than a feeling its a trust and bond with a person. Little girls no longer pretend to be the sweet princess waiting to be rescued looking for our knight in shining armor ….no, instead they pretend to be pop stars…. runway models…. Little boys no longer pretend to be that strong prince with his sword held high ready to war against anyone who stands in the way of him and his true love….no, instead they spend their time looking up to men who have identified themselves as playas….. Its sad to think that people of today have lost the concept of love and romance and it seems that by every passing day we come closer to losing it.. The lack of believing in love comes from so many different avenues everyone has a story as to why they no longer believe….
Theres the elderly woman whos beau went off towar and never returned and this left her poor heart broken and unable to repair ….so in her own private thoughts she wonders why love failed her why love had not brought him back to her for surely if love had been real, he would have come home and she then vows never to give love another chance with her heart….. Theres the middle age man who once fell in love so deeply only to realize that his marriage had been a façade and sadness overtakes him as he watches his wife load her packed bags into her new lovers car and in his private moments he wonders why love failed him ….his heart grows cold and he vows never to be that foolish again….. Theres the young lady who thought she was in love with a boy that respected her only to be taken advantage of at a party after a few to many drinks she sits in the corner and cries….. And she wonders why love has failed her and as she rises and begins to rearrange her clothes she vows that she will never let anyone see her pain ….she vows to be distant from anyone that even remotely seems like they care…. Theres the young man who attentively watches his fathers action and learns that love is nothing more than promiscuity and after months of practicing this, he sits alone if his private thoughts wonders why he feels alone.. ..Why had love passed him by. And he continues on the journey of promiscuity in search of a love that cant be found…..

Theres the little girl who sits at her bedroom door listening to a shouting match going on between her parents and as she places her head atop her knees she jumps at the sound of her father striking her mother once again and she silently cries and as she crawls into her bed, she wonders why storybooks lie ….love is not at all beautiful and as she tries to drown out her mothers screams… she vows that she will never give in to this thing called love she decides that love is nothing more than pain…. There are so many different stories to why people no longer to believe in love and why it hasnt been past on to the new generations some stories much worse than these and then in some cases its something as simple as growing up in a home where love was not openly shown.

There are a million and one reasons not to believe in love not to believe it could exist for us….. a reason to fear it…. Sometimes we are gonna get hurt with love whether it be by love itself or because we fell into the trap of its counterfeit lust but we cant give up on love we are teaching those after us that it doesnt exist. I believe that a life without love , is no life at all. How sad I feel for the people who may never experience the joy of allowing love to wash over them……

~ Brewster~